An advocacy client planning a member Fly-in enlisted Riester Influence to maximize its efforts, amplifying the
smaller-sized Fly-in and support its legislative agenda.


Riester Influence worked with the client to establish messaging and measurable goals, and developed a custom Fly-in organic campaign, using out-of-the-box tactics to engage the target legislative audience, spreading the message directly and indirectly through Congressional districts’ own media outlets.

Partnership with Riester Influence meant communications for the entire Fly-in were easy and turnkey for the client. Influence managed all communications, including branding, design, multi-media content development and media relations at every level: national, regional and hyper-local. Our team members even jumped in and led groups of member meetings with congressional leaders and staff.

Influence not only activated association leadership and Fly-in attendees across multiple media channels, but utilized those members not in attendance to engage media and the legislative audience.


The legislative audience received a consistent message from multiple channels, laser-focused on the key issues, not just limited to the congressional meetings.

Most importantly, the efforts directly affected advocacy success. Many lawmaker offices were activated to respond to the advocacy asks, supporting and co-sponsoring legislation, and signing up for a new caucus.